Gas Detection Systems

Gas Detection Systems

GFG gas detection systems are valuable for virtually any type of gas you may think of, combustible, toxic or refrigerant gas, including Ozone. Gas detection systems for combustible and toxic gases in safe area and hazardous area classification zone I and II, in central or Stand-alone versions, Portable gas monitors, Single gas detectors, Multi gas detectors, Refrigerant leak detection systems. Sensor transmitters with IP65, IP44 and IP30 ratings. We represent GFG brand (Germany) in India.

TESLA Helium Gas Leak Detector:

The GasCheck Tesla series identifies the source of gas leaks quickly and easily.Handheld and cordless, the instrument is simply traced around suspect flanges, joints,valves and other equipment where leak integrity is your concern. Leaks are pinpointedimmediately with an audible alarm and a direct leak rate reading. The instrument can beused with one hand and the special flexible long probe provided allows easy access to difficult toreach areas. It requires minimum servicing, does not suffer from deterioration, and therefore doesnot require periodic replacement.GasChecks come complete with a carrying case, instruction manual and a certificate of calibrationusing our ISO 9001:2000 procedures.

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Key Features:

  • Easy to use
  • Fast response
  • Light weight
  • Hand held
  • Sensitive
  • Audible and visual alarm
  • ppm or cc/sec reading
  • Upgradeable to other models